Home Improvement Projects That Pay Off


When it comes to home improvement, upgrades may have a better ROI than homeowners thinkIf you’re like many people 50 or older, your biggest asset may not be your 401(k) or IRA. It’s your house. And if you’ve been thinking of cashing out to downsize or move to a less costly region, you’ll want to […]

The Importance of Good Roof Drainage Systems


One of the most important things that helps divert water away from your home or building is a properly-installed roof drainage system. These “unsung heroes” of your roof system play a vital role in effectively removing water and debris from the roof, and minimizing groundwater accumulation around your foundation. Improper Roof Drainage Can Cause A […]

Six Tips to Prevent Ice Damming on your Roof This Winter


Ice damming can do some serious damage to your home resulting in costly repairs come Spring. Backed-up water from ice dams can ruin your roof, ceiling, walls, and floors, and it can be extremely expensive and inconvenient to fix. Below are some tips for ice damming prevention as well as early warning signs that indicate […]

Is It Legal For a Roofer to Cover My Insurance Deductible?

Can a roofer cover your deductible? In a word “No.” There really should be no debate over this, yet there are far too many unethical contractors in this world who take part in this practice. Never will you find someone from your insurance carrier telling you this practice is acceptable. You will never find a […]